Camel series lightweight folding wheelchair
The Camel Series of lightweight power wheelchairs are our first tentative leap forward and the first products to take us into the field of lightweight folding power wheelchairs.
In fact, our products have been recognized by the market, Camel Series sell well in Europe and even other countries around the world.
Our most popular model designed according to ergonomic standards and fits most types of users.
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Camel Hope YE246

Camel Lite YE246

Latest product power wheelchair
We are committed to continuous research and
development of new products, which have been
adapted to the needs of people in all fields.
No matter you are elderly, disabled, or just need medicare for some time.
The Max Series of models are also lightweight and foldable, they are more functional, more powerful, and stronger.
The customization is also accepted if you offer us the specifications in wholesale.
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series electric wheelchair
The Recline Series of the electric wheelchair, it is mainly aimed at nursing users and the users who need to lie down in wheelchairs after driving to take a break.
We focus on the user’s driving experience and functional requirements.
In order to meet the needs of users, we provide a variety of solutions, such as auxiliary functions from accessories, so that drivers have a safe and good experience.
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Classic series electric wheelchair
The Models of Classic series are the traditional electric wheelchair, more stable and powerful during the driving.
Lead-acid batteries support long-distance driving, and the mature brushed motors provide strong power.
Even though their failure rate is very low, we still provide good after-sales support.
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We are the manufacturer of the foldable wheelchair from China, focusing on electric wheelchair lightweight and scooter.

The customization is also accepted if you offer us the specifications in wholesale.

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